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March 05, 2018

We Got The Deal - I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels

Piers McEwan
Piers McEwan
Content writer at Vaimo

Vaimo are pleased to announce a new partnership with I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels, a jewellery brand based in Antwerp, Belgium. We caught up with I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels' co-founders, Gilles Van Gestel and Margaux Spruyt, to learn more about their expanding business, digital commerce plans and their aspirations for the future.

Source: https://www.imaginjewels.com/ 

Who is I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels?

Established in the City of Diamonds, Antwerp in Belgium, I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels is dedicated to creating jewellery of the finest quality at accessible prices. The brainchild of two young designers, one a goldsmith, the other a diamond expert, I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels combine intricate craftsmanship with innovative design to produce their elegant and refined wares. From sterling silver to 18-karat gold to diamonds, quality and professionalism are at the forefront of their creations. Growing from their flagship store to multiple locations nationwide, this dynamic brand sees an item of jewellery as an extension of one's personality which is why they seek absolute perfection in every one of their designs.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 15.11.12.pngSource: https://www.instagram.com/imaginjewels/ 

What are your current challenges?

We have tried a number of web store options with various solution providers, but it never felt that we were making the most of the tools that an eCommerce platform could provide - what we were striving for just never came to fruition. We wanted to work with a platform that would allow us to grow, develop and ultimately provide more features for our customers in this increasingly digitised retail environment.

What are your plans for the new site and what do you want it to achieve?

We’re conscious of the fact that the line between online and offline interactions is becoming blurred. With an eCommerce platform we will be better equipped to match the expectations of our customers in this regard. We want to provide a full omni-channel experience so that our customers can experience our jewellery seamlessly across our web store and our seven physical shops in Belgium. Wherever and however a customer wants to shop; we want to be able to provide them with an unparalleled customer shopping experience. We pride ourselves on the accessibility of our products and an Ecommerce platform will allow us to achieve this.


Why did you select Vaimo as a strategic digital partner?

We saw the work that Vaimo had undertaken, for example with large fashion brands around the world, and how they were able to drive the strategy of these brands forward. Then after meeting with a representative from Vaimo, and discussing our options, we knew that this was the right partner to team up with and propel our brand’s digital growth to its potential and beyond.

Why did you select Magento as a platform?

Similarly, as with Vaimo, Magento has a strong reputation and has an outstanding record of providing a platform that delivers results for its clients. We feel confident that with this platform, I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels will have the capability to grow and expand to where we want to.

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