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Building Sustainability into eCommerce: Glesys and Vaimo

At Vaimo, we are seeing an increased number of enterprise companies looking at the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Given that global challenges are paramount to customers, you can turn[...]

Vaimo's Journey with Magento and Adobe

What a journey it’s been so far, helping our clients to transform their online presence and drive eCommerce success with Magento and Adobe.

How to Go Live Quickly with Magento Commerce

Due to COVID- 19, The eCommerce trend has accelerated. With no end in sight, you’ve got to start planning. Peter Drucker, the management guru, stated, “One has to make a decision when a condition[...]

Webinar: UX That Drives Conversions

In times of struggle, as we currently see with COVID-19 and the resulting economic peril, consumers' need for a quality user experience (UX) is heightened. User experience, a subset of the overall[...]

Vaimo Newsletter: May 2020

Here's our monthly guide to your digital commerce success...

Webinar: Protect Your Business from Personal Data Breaches

The spread of coronavirus has brought uncertainty to people around the world. It has frozen the operations of some organisations due to a combination of governmental regulations, changing consumer[...]

Adapting to Change 2020: Shopping by Appointment Solution

Across Europe, the reopening of commerce may give the sense that we are headed back to normal. But for many stores, both B2C and B2B shopping experiences must now operate under new constraints.

Vaimo Announces New Quick Launch Accelerator

Stockholm, Sweden, May 13th 2020 — Vaimo, a full-service omnichannel agency delivering commerce solutions on the Magento and Adobe Commerce Cloud platforms, has announced the introduction of its[...]

The New Normal: Tools for Ecommerce Success in 2020 & Beyond

Over the past few months, we’ve seen the disruption to industries and verticals across the globe as a result of COVID-19. While some industries have been hit hard, others have witnessed growth and[...]

7 Tips to Optimise Your Website Performance

There are many ways to optimise your website performance. Yet, many websites ignore basic principles which cause potential customers to make purchases elsewhere. Let's imagine walking into your[...]

Vaimo’s Newsletter for April 2020

Here's our monthly guide to your digital commerce success...

Improving Your Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) has become a widely-used term in the business world and for good reason: it represents almost every touchpoint your client has with your company. The broad range of CX,[...]