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Building a Digital Strategy Roadmap: Goal Setting

In this article, we'll explain the first roadmap phase which is identifying your digital goals. This process begins with identifying the business’ goals. Oftentimes, these are already in place and[...]

Building a Digital Strategy Roadmap: Introduction

Vaimo works with retailers, brands and manufacturers all over the world to help them accelerate their growth in the digital space. A key part of achieving success is knowing where you are going as[...]

Ecommerce Integrations for Business Growth and Success


If you’re wondering why we’ve started with a jumbled set of ‘I’s and ‘W’s, then look a little closer. Because this acronym defines the modern-day customer that your business needs[...]

B2B Ecommerce Resource Guide

B2B companies are constantly being challenged by evolving customer expectations and changing market conditions. In a competitive world, it’s only those that can deliver consistent purchasing[...]

Europe 2020 Ecommerce Region Report

The 2019 European eCommerce growth rate would make even the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, jealous. A recent webinar, Europe 2020: Ecommerce Region Report revealed a 14.2% increase in eCommerce[...]

How to Improve Customer Loyalty in Ecommerce

How deep does brand and customer loyalty go? Former Apple iPhone fans once endured long lines—now many ignore the newest updates.

The stress of losing customer loyalty also occurs in eCommerce, as[...]

Interview With Vaimo Client: Champion

At the start of June 2020, we launched a new Magento eCommerce site for our client Champion Europe Group. To celebrate the launch, we caught up with Nicholas Freddi (Senior Manager Sales and[...]

5 Reasons to Launch an eCommerce Site Fast

During the past few months, even companies in non-essential industries celebrated record-breaking eCommerce sales. Whether operating in the D2C, B2B, or B2C markets, you can still launch your[...]

What are Magecart Attacks and How Can You Protect Your Business?

It’s the hot topic on the lips of professionals in the cybersecurity and eCommerce space. And it’s growing—by 20% amid the COVID-19 crisis—hurting businesses and customers alike. But what is[...]

How to Support and Engage Customers in After-Sales

With a burst of fireworks and ringing bells, you celebrate the first sale with a new client. Cheers echo through telephone speakers across countries, oceans, and continents. But the honeymoon[...]

Car Ownership, the Mobility Revolution & the Future of Automotive OEMs

What does the future hold for car ownership and the traditional car sales model? It’s a highly debated subject that continues to divide the automotive community. Some forecasts suggest that the[...]

Building Sustainability into eCommerce: Glesys and Vaimo

At Vaimo, we are seeing an increased number of enterprise companies looking at the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Given that global challenges are paramount to customers, you can turn[...]