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What is PIM? The Benefits of Product Information Management

More and more merchants come to us with a need to improve their internal processes around Product Information Management Systems and to find a way to provide more consistent product information to[...]

Shoppable Content: An Effortless Digital Experience

Shoppable content is part of an optimized eCommerce strategy that makes everyday digital experiences an opportunity to purchase without leaving the platform that a customer is already using.

What is Omnichannel Retailing

In the world of online commerce, frequently used buzzwords often lack a true depth of meaning.

The Second Coming of Conversational Commerce

Conversational commerce has been shaping consumer expectations around brand interactions and will continue to do so. As consumers become more reliant upon digital conversations, what they demand[...]

The Consumer Journey: Why Product Data Matters

Today, companies are taking a hard look at their customer journey optimization, realizing that they cannot remain competitive in a tightening market without understanding their consumer journey.[...]

4 SEO Tips for a Better Digital Customer Journey

SEO is crucial in directing relevant traffic to your eCommerce storefront. Having a great SEO strategy is the key to attracting and engaging in the awareness stage of the digital customer journey.

Magento Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager: How 1+1 = 3

In 2019, retail eCommerce sales worldwide were equivalent to $3.53 trillion USD. By 2022, eCommerce revenue is projected to grow to $6.54 trillion USD. With the increasing popularity of shopping[...]

Want to protect your digital commerce for Ramadan? Here’s how!

One thing is clear regarding Ramadan in 2021: B2C commerce in the MENA region is going to take place digitally due to COVID-19.

Optimize Your Digital Customer Experience in 5 Practical Steps


Understanding how your customer experience is perceived is a must in today’s digital commerce world.

Not only does an optimized customer experience improve conversion rates, which drives more[...]

Digital is Better, Says COVID-19

With vaccines becoming more readily available, it’s easy to imagine a future in which life returns to normalcy. However, while we may return to many of our old patterns, numerous aspects of our[...]

Pre-Loved Commerce: How Used Online Marketplaces are Taking Over

In recent years, a new shopping trend has emerged among younger generations: thrifting. Thrifting, or purchasing secondhand goods, has entered the mainstream and has become increasingly[...]

AI in Ecommerce: How It Adds Value

With the increased dedication to online shopping because of the pandemic, one thing has become apparent for retailers of all kinds — the value of artificial intelligence (AI). While AI was an[...]