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What Is A Phygital Experience? 6 Real-World Examples

So once again we find ourselves with a new term coined in service of SEO that sounds like nothing more than re-defining the past . . . said another way - the things you should have already been[...]

E-tail vs. Ecommerce – What's The Difference?

While some would argue that e-tail and ecommerce are just different words for the same thing, others claim that there are some important differences between the two concepts. Whether you consider[...]

DIY Ecommerce: 7 Tips for Success

As the pandemic confined us all to our homes for month after month, something happened. All over the world, people started looking at their homes with new eyes, and as a result, they invested in[...]

Ecommerce Trends: 2022 Outlook

Given ecommerce's breakneck rate of change, brands need to constantly monitor the trends shaping consumer expectations and shopping behavior. At Vaimo, we're big on tracking trends. They help[...]

8 Steps to Building a Winning International Ecommerce Strategy

The opportunities of international ecommerce are close to endless. The global ecommerce market is snowballing, expanding at twice the rate of domestic ecommerce, so if there's a better time to get[...]

Black Friday B2B Essentials—We All Love a Deal

At this time every year, B2C companies start planning for the most important sales holiday—Black Friday. But can Black Friday also work for B2B companies? 

6 Benefits of B2B Wholesale Ecommerce

The world of B2B wholesale is changing, and the B2B wholesale buying journey is quickly evolving. And as we’ve outlined in this article on Reimagining the B2B Buying Experience, digital B2B sales[...]

6 Advantages of Automotive Ecommerce

The global ecommerce automotive aftermarket is expected to reach $143.9 billion by 2028, which means a CAGR of 14.6% over the next six years. Add to this the new players disrupting the market,[...]

Enhance your Ecommerce Strategy with Click-and-Collect

During the pandemic, unsurprisingly, the ecommerce industry has seen massive growth. But as consumers turned to online shopping, a segment of retail that saw significant growth last year was [...]

Gain Revenue by Selling on Marketplaces

The quickest way to increase sales is often to meet your potential customers where they are. And right now, online marketplaces are gaining tremendous momentum. Consumers flock to marketplaces[...]

Reimagining the B2B Buying Experience

The world of B2B sales is changing, and the B2B buying journey is quickly evolving. This means many businesses struggle to keep up. The pandemic has accelerated the pace of change even more, as[...]

Redefining Digital Luxury Experiences in Ecommerce

What is a luxury experience? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are luxury lovers out there.