PIM: The Key To A Magento Migration

Migration season has arrived — but this time, it won’t feature feathered fowl flying south for Winter. Instead, this migration season will see thousands of businesses making the switch from[...]

Too Much Information? The role of PIM in Digital Transformation

Information. It’s what we use to navigate our way through life. Our choices are fuelled by both the existing and brand-new information stored in our brains.

Amazon and the Nordics—To Amazon, or not to Amazon?

That is indeed the question.

When Amazon eventually launches an eCommerce presence in the Nordics, your business will need to make a choice.

Amazon and the Nordics—Creating a Store Primed for Success

As we learnt in our previous article, Amazon represents one channel of many in your sales strategy. It has some huge advantages and opportunities but is also hampered by some limitations when[...]

Personalisation and Presents — the Link

When was the last time you received a birthday present you didn’t like or want?

Amazon and the Nordics—One Piece of the Puzzle

As we saw in the opening ‘Amazon and the Nordics’ article, debate has revolved around when Amazon will open its first eCommerce site in the region. And this has sent a wave of fear surging[...]

Amazon and the Nordics—Demystifying the Elephant in the Room

 Join us for part 1 of our 4 part series on 'Amazon and the Nordics'...

Over the last 18 months, rumours have been swirling around Amazon’s potential entry into the Nordics.

An open letter to business leaders: the eCommerce landscape

Imagine that one day you decide you'd like to climb a mountain.

The Power of Personalisation

Customer expectations are at an all-time high. Rapid advances in technology and the digital revolution have transformed the merchant/customer dynamic and it’s now the customer that holds all the[...]

Our Clients' Top Ecommerce Features

At Vaimo, our clients are consistently reaching new heights as we work with them to drive success in digital commerce. And with clients across sectors and industries, success can take different[...]

5 Ways to Maximise your Ecommerce ROI

So, your eCommerce store is up and running, orders are flying in and you’re capitalising on all the benefits that an online store has to offer—of which there are many.

Ecommerce Integrations for Business growth and success


If you’re wondering why we’ve started with a jumbled set of ‘I’s and ‘W’s, then look a little closer. Because this acronym defines the modern-day customer that your business needs[...]