Accelerate: Desktop is Dead — Long Live Mobile!

67% of the world now owns a mobile phone (Source: Statista). And the number of mobile users is expected to pass the five billion mark in 2020 — making it one of the technologies with the fastest[...]

Product Information: PDM, ERP, DAM & PIM


Whether you already have an established eCommerce website or are looking to kick-start your eCommerce business, understanding the role of product information data is key to digital success.

What is B2B commerce? — how to digitalise

In this article, Vaimo will be covering what B2B commerce is and how to take it online. Read on to get actionable advice on how to create a successful B2B online store.

What is PIM? The advantages and benefits of Product Information Management

More and more merchants come to us with a need to improve their internal processes around Product Information Management Systems and to find a way to provide more consistent product information to[...]

The Optimisation Myth: Running Experiments During Peaks

If you or your marketing team is running a Customer Experience Optimisation (CXO) program (or Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) program) and you validate your ideas through experiments (often A/B[...]

Build Your Amazon Business Case

Whether you're a brand, distributor, retailer or manufacturer, the world's largest online marketplace, Amazon, is a sales channel you can ill afford to ignore. Serving hundreds of millions of[...]

Accelerate: Why You Need Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

With Google Analytics Standard Ecommerce, you gain a standardised setup and insight into how your site is doing. You can track and view product and sales performance, and understand how long it[...]

Accelerate: 8 Ways to Improve Your Digital Customer Service

Welcome to the first instalment of Vaimo Accelerate — our new content feature filled with pragmatic, how-to commerce advice to help your business grow and succeed. With contributors from across[...]

Say Hello to the Modern-Day Shopper

Customer experience. If you’re operating in the world of commerce then you can’t go very far without bumping into this expression. It was certainly the leading point of discussion at this year’s [...]

Evaluate Your Need For PIM With Vaimo’s Pimometer

Vaimo’s Pimometer first started out as an internal tool to educate our teams about PIM and its beneficial role in centralising data and creating a single source of truth. But it also identified[...]

PIM: The Key To A Magento Migration

Migration season has arrived — but this time, it won’t feature feathered fowl flying south for Winter. Instead, this migration season will see thousands of businesses making the switch from[...]

Too Much Information? The role of PIM in Digital Transformation

Information. It’s what we use to navigate our way through life. Our choices are fuelled by both the existing and brand-new information stored in our brains.