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Core Web Vitals: Improving the Digital Customer Experience

Google is rolling out a new set of signals called Core Web Vitals in May. These are part of the new page experience signals and will take into account the website’s loading speed, interactiveness,[...]

Google Universal Analytics (UA) vs Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google Universal Analytics (UA) used to offer the option to create web + app and web properties for tracking, but this is no longer the case. Google has now transitioned what used to be web + app[...]

Building a Digital Strategy Roadmap: Visual Time-Based Roadmap

Welcome to Step 5 of the digital strategy roadmap planning. In our previous article, we explained how to identify the key themes for your digital roadmap. We also discussed evergreen lanes and the[...]

Building a Digital Strategy Roadmap: Thematic High-Level Plan

Welcome to Step 4 of the digital strategy roadmap planning. In our previous article, we explained how to identify the key activities and projects you need to undertake to achieve your digital[...]

Why Customer Obsession is the Key to Commerce Success

Rapidly evolving customer expectations are setting new baselines for merchants, one digital experience at a time. This has been fuelled by the blurring of the physical and digital worlds in our[...]

Building your Optimisation Technology Stack

When starting out on a program to optimise conversion rates (CRO) or—more broadly—the customer experience (CXO), you will inevitability run into some challenges around the technology stack you’ll[...]

Guide to Facebook Pixel Tracking & Advertising Features

With the enormous user base on Facebook (1.59 billion daily active users on average for June 2019), tapping into and using the platform for ad purposes is something that eCommerce brands want to[...]

Build the most effective personalisation strategy

Personalisation is the talk of the eCommerce town. But it can often be difficult for businesses to know exactly how and where to start on their personalisation strategies. In this article, we'll[...]

Load Testing: Why Your Website Deserves the Love of It

An exemplary user experience is key to your eCommerce success. It helps you to boost conversions and build trust with your site visitors, which means more repeat and loyal customers in the[...]

3 Key Areas In The Webshop Conversion Optimisation Cycle

Every year, the (Dutch) Shopping Tomorrow initiative brings together a large group of subject matter experts (450 this year) to tackle specific business challenges about—you guessed it—how[...]

Ecommerce Delivery Solutions | Expectations & the Future

Drones, autonomous vehicles, robots—the business of delivery solutions and fulfilment is undergoing colossal change! Fuelled by rising consumer expectations for near-instant and[...]

Desktop is Dead — Long Live Mobile!

67% of the world now owns a mobile phone (Source: Statista). And the number of mobile users is expected to pass the five billion mark in 2020 — making it one of the technologies with the fastest[...]