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Optimize your eCommerce Experience for Boomers

Born between the mid-1940s and the early 1960s, Baby Boomers were initially slow to adopt shopping online, relying on traditional methods for everything from buying groceries to making[...]

Vaimo Newsletter: May 2021

Here's our monthly guide to your digital commerce success...

New Relic & A Proactive Technology Strategy

In today’s competitive business landscape, you will fall behind if you spend too much time trying to find and fix issues with your site performance.

Dynamic Pricing in eCommerce: How it Works

Dynamic pricing is not a new theory or practice. Rather, the concept of updating pricing based on supply and demand has been an integral piece of commerce strategy for centuries.

Introducing Natalia Sheika, Quality Assurance Engineer

We spoke with Natalia Sheika, Quality Assurance Engineer for the Denway Country Unit, based in Kyiv. We talked about her journey at Vaimo and what she likes most about being a QA.

Fractional Ownership within Omnichannel Marketing

Fractional ownership, a purchase model in use for quite some time, is a style of ownership that allows multiple people to invest in a high-value asset together. Its use has historically revolved[...]

Tevella Takes a Leap Forward in B2B Commerce

In our latest case study, we go behind the scenes on Tevella’s new B2B commerce store built on Magento Open Source. Let’s take a look at the digital commerce challenges they were facing and how[...]

Retailers Prioritize Digital Mobile Commerce Strategy: Here's Why

What our smartphones do today is leaps and bounds above what they could do just ten years ago, and while the tech has marched forward, our reliance has skyrocketed over the past eighteen months.[...]

Website Personalization: Real Examples to Improve Your User Experience

You and your customer have the same goal. You both want the customer journey to be easy, intuitive, seamless, and as friction-free as possible. How can you make that happen?

Ecommerce Strategy 101: How to Build a Workable Budget

Creating a robust eCommerce strategy in 2021 involves a blend of content, commerce, and community. Whether your company has been a leader in the digital transformation space, or you are just[...]

STIGA Sport's Digital Commerce Growth

In our latest case study, we go behind the scenes on STIGA Sport's new online store built on Adobe Commerce and their dramatic increase in online revenue since launching their new eCommerce site.

What is Digital Commerce?

For B2C, B2B, and D2C businesses, digital commerce has taken center stage.

Fueled by a combination of technological advances and the pandemic’s contactless demands, it is foundational in today’s[...]