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NFT Art Sites – A New Revenue Channel for Ecommerce Merchants?

Something new and exciting has been happening in the digital world. Perhaps you read about how the Nyan Cat sold as a unique piece of crypto art for $580,000. Or that a tweet from Twitter CEO Jack[...]

Ecommerce Personalization: Benefits, Tactics, and Best Practices

Ecommerce Personalization is one of the most powerful tools there is to increase conversions and drive sales. If you're not using it yet, you're almost certainly leaving money on the table.[...]

The Role of QR Codes In Your Ecommerce Strategy

During the past year, QR codes have exploded in popularity, both in the physical world and in the world of ecommerce. As they've turned into a mobile commerce mechanism powered by devices on both[...]

An Optimized Google Data Feed Means More Revenue

One of the most important tasks for all online merchants to tackle is Google Shopping data feed optimization. This is a vital part of an overall digital commerce strategy, and it's imperative to[...]

What is a Dark Store? The New Post-Pandemic Retail Model

The term "Dark Stores" may have a rather sinister and almost dystopian ring to it. But in reality, it represents one of the many bright ideas and concepts that have helped numerous retail[...]

Holiday Ecommerce—How to Prepare for 2021

The holiday season of 2021 will be unlike any other. While people can't wait to return to traditions, Covid-19 has irreversibly changed how people search for and buy things. Brands will be[...]

Magento 2 Enterprise vs. Community Edition: Pros & Cons

Choosing an ecommerce platform is not easy. You need to consider both how your business currently functions and how you hope it works in the future. You have to ponder if your current audience[...]

Trends Shaping the Supermarkets of the Future

Digital commerce is changing the world, and one of the most dynamic changes is how we locate and collect our food, drinks, and other fast-moving consumer goods. The tempo of change is linked to[...]

Alcohol Ecommerce: 2021 Trends, Strategies, and Markets

Alcohol ecommerce has grown in almost every market this past year. Even in the U.S., where regulations previously have held back the digitalization of this industry, the online wine and beer[...]

Selecting an Enterprise Ecommerce Hosting Service

Countless eCommerce companies struggle with slow loading speeds, insufficient security, and poorly managed web servers. Choosing a good hosting service for your eCommerce business can either make[...]

Vaimo Newsletter: July 2021

Here's our monthly guide to your digital commerce success...

The Essential Guide to Ecommerce Pricing Strategies

Deciding on a pricing strategy is an essential part of your overall business strategy, and setting the right prices is a balancing act—and can be a tricky one at that.