Vaimo & inRiver Webinar: Redefining B2B Commerce for 2020 and Beyond

The B2B eCommerce environment is witnessing a period of huge change. Influenced by the expansion of the global market and cutting-edge B2C purchasing experiences, the profile of the typical B2B[...]

Black Friday 2019—Another Record-Breaking Year

Each year, Black Friday represents a huge date in the diaries of merchants the world over. And from a global perspective, 2019 was another stellar year.

8 Marketing Metrics your Business Should be Measuring

Marketing metrics can often appear intimidating and confusing, which often leaves businesses wary of how—and if—they should use them. But metrics are essential to understanding your company’s[...]

Why Customer Obsession is the Key to Commerce Success

Rapidly evolving customer expectations are setting new baselines for merchants, one digital experience at a time. This has been fuelled by the blurring of the physical and digital worlds in our[...]

Introducing Head of Sales, North & South America: Christian Dreisbach

Welcome to another edition of Vaimo Introducing where we’ll be catching up with Christian Dreisbach from Vaimo's US office.

Vaimo Newsletter: November 2019

Here's our monthly guide to your digital commerce success...

Ecommerce Personalisation: Benefits & Strategies

Whether you’re in B2C, B2B, manufacturing, wholesale or retail, there’s one thing that all businesses have in common—satisfying its customers.

Building your Optimisation Technology Stack

When starting out on a program to optimise conversion rates (CRO) or—more broadly—the customer experience (CXO), you will inevitability run into some challenges around the technology stack you’ll[...]

Transforming Customer Experiences Through Ecommerce Site Search

If there’s one thing that modern-day shoppers have in common, then it’s that they want what they want when they want it. Rapid advances in technology have created customers that demand intuitive[...]

New inRiver Report: B2B & Product Information

Our partner, inRiver, has released a new research report on the role of product information management in B2B commerce.

Your Guide to Facebook Pixel Tracking and Advertising Features

With the enormous user base on Facebook (1.59 billion daily active users on average for June 2019), tapping into and using the platform for ad purposes is something that eCommerce brands want to[...]

Vaimo Named Leading B2B Service Provider

We’re very pleased to announce that Vaimo has been named as one of the leading B2B firms in Estonia, as announced by