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How to support and engage customers in after-sales
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June 18, 2020

How to Support and Engage Customers in After-Sales

Mike Renaldi
Mike Renaldi
Content Writer at Vaimo
How to support and engage customers in after-sales

With a burst of fireworks and ringing bells, you celebrate the first sale with a new client. Cheers echo through telephone speakers across countries, oceans, and continents. But the honeymoon period ends quickly, and the real challenges soon begin.

The Benefits of Customer Engagement and Customer Support in After-Sales

Increasingly, the process of after-sales occurs through an omnichannel means: phone calls, knowledge guides, online chats, etc.

What's the difference between after-sales and pre-sales? 

1) Pre-sales - how to direct clients to the right products.

2) After-sales - how to support clients.

Without an excellent method to support your customers, problems erupt for both parties.

The customer wonders: where do I go now for customer support help? Will the brand still seek to engage me like during pre-sales? 

The business wonders: What are the primary activities to consider in a customer engagement and support strategy? How can I streamline the process of customer support and engagement? 

On the other side, you fear your hard-fought customer turning to a rival or haranguing your company on social media without you ever knowing their concerns.

The potential triumphs and tragedies of after-sales loom large for your company's bottom line. The man behind the I Love Marketing podcast, Dean Jackson, claims that around 20% of your portfolio comes from your current customers. Jackson dubs this 20% the return on relationships. But referrals only come from going through the muck with your client. In a report from Zendesk, they discovered the boxes you need to tick to reach referral heaven. For example, 87% of users share products or services after a pleasant experience. Under the umbrella of good customer experience, 33% discuss their positive experience with 5+ people, while a smaller 23% of customers shared their good experience with 10+ people.

Of course, the numbers surrounding referrals represent individual grains in an entire sandbox of current clients. But what if you pushed a more significant percentage of them into that good experience category? Due to an absence of referrals, you could be losing 50% of your potential brand advocates.

Another crucial aspect is that referrals generate new, high-quality leads. The Harvard Business Review, in a report on 10,000 German bank accounts, discovered that referred customers remain more loyal and become more valuable than un-referred clients. In particular, referred clients were 18% more likely to stay with the bank. To add more valuable customers, you cannot just take a willy-nilly approach to your after-sales customer support and engagement strategy. You need to cover your bases and ensure consistency and scalability to your plan.


Customer Support After-Sales

Customer support is a process of remedying and fixing your customers' challenges and pains, typically through phone, email, live online chat, tickets, or social media. Customer support reacts to client issues. Like a scientist, knowledgeable about a particular phenomenon, the customer support agent waits for problems to occur and then explains and provides solutions to help the client.

Talk - Call centre software

The call centre has shaped the customer's expectations of support and engagement for better or for worse. Still, many clients rely on calling a number when reaching out for help. Customers like to know that behind the text and glossy website images that people are available to help. Talk still cuts to the core of customer support. 

Guide - Knowledge base and smart self-service

You might think about an FAQ listing while considering a guide. Indeed, you are right! But in the era of eCommerce, the FAQ might not be enough for thousands of current customers seeking support. 

Chat - Live chat and messaging

The great deluge of live chat and messaging has washed over customer support and engagement and is unlikely to ebb in the future. Your online store presents the closest alternative to the shop floor, and the chatbot like a salesperson (live or from AI) converses with potential clients. The use of live chat will help boost your retention and sales.

Support - Integrated customer support

Until this point, we've described the trifecta of customer support: the chat, the knowledge guide, and talk. And customers often call, chat, and use your online knowledge base to inform themselves. Here's the problem: how do you aggregate information into a seamless knowledge base for your customer support staff? After all, a speedy and informed response defines the after-sales game just as much as the pre-sales one.

Artificial Intelligence guarantees consistent results when supporting your customers. AI serves as the assistant diverting the endless stream of emails, tweets, phone calls, chats, searches in your help centre into one place. Support also needs support, and if your support team is the walls, then AI serves as a foundation to prevent cracks that damage your entire customer engagement strategy. The cracks form from improper integrations, but they also emerge from an inability to customise, configure, and pivot your strategy to meet the reality your support team sees every day.

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Customer Engagement After-sales

Customer engagement is the process of interacting with clients through multiple channels to strengthen your relationship. Customer engagement is a proactive process starting from the first interaction and continuing past the point of purchase. Businesses engage with customers via email, websites, social media, community forums, and other places where their client communicates or finds information.


The after-purchase email is the first step to build a long-term relationship. For B2C clients, customer retention hinges on the after-purchase email as 80% of business professionals consider email as crucial to customer retention. The email immediately following the purchase comes at a critical moment. The customer needs further nurturing to ensure they continue to love your products. And providing them with the option to look at similar items even gives them the opportunity for a cross or upsell. In one study, a company's inclusion of related products in their follow-up email led to boosted conversions by 111%.

Cross-sell or upsell other products

Upselling is the process of convincing your customer to buy additional features or a more expensive product. For instance, a customer's mobile internet package includes an additional 10 gigabytes of data. You instead persuade them to purchase 20 gigabytes of data. Another relevant term is cross-selling. The process of cross-selling occurs when a customer buys a product or service that serves as an add-on or couples with the initial purchase. As stated above, an upsell or cross-sell can even take place in the follow-up email. A second example is upselling and cross-selling in your chatbots. As a result of using your customer's data, you remedy their problems by connecting them to an additional product or services.

Referral requests

In the area of eCommerce, there are several ways to give your customers a chance to keep new clients heading into your sales funnel. Enterprises who work with the Vaimo partner, Yotpo, can do things like adding a referral widget or a post-purchase pop-up. Similarly, Nosto offers the user a chance to receive a percentage off their next purchase for referring a friend.

Invite to a customer loyalty program

A successful eCommerce experience adapts and evolves with changes to your industry and business. A way to engage your customers and keep them obsessed with your brand is through a customer loyalty program. The customer loyalty program offers clients a chance to receive exclusive promotional offers, coupons, and prices. Remember - your current customer has a 70% chance of converting while getting a new one to bite occurs only 5-20% of the time.  But don't forget that your CX needs to be top-notch before to earn loyalty. Though the economics behind customer loyalty programs can be difficult to understand, the most important aspect is to keep it simple for your customer.  Considering simplicity and the benefits of loyal customers, taking the steps to engage clients through a loyal program could be a great way to improve your bottom line.

Ask for reviews

Known in the marketing realm as social proof, Dr.Cialdini exposed the links between marketing and psychology in his timeless book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. In the book, Cialdini devoted one chapter to social proof. The term documents the behaviour that people display when they don't know about a given product, service, topic, etc. While evaluating a product, they look to others who know more about the subject. Reviews, for this reason, attract new customers. Statistics show the consequences of positive or negative reviews: 76% of customers make purchases after reading reviews. The process of engaging customers after the sale, therefore, should seek to bring forward the opinions of your best customers.

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How Artificial Intelligence Extends After-Sales Techniques

In the present era, teams are spread across countries, so how do after-sales engagement and support occur in an international business setting? And how is it possible to incorporate offices and specific customer data across multiple channels?

The use of artificial intelligence is revolutionising after-sales techniques. With the ability to use oceans of data, PWC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), predicts that AI will add $16 trillion to the global economy by the end of this decade. One avenue is through applying AI's power to eCommerce stores.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

In our Accelerate series, Vaimo's Strategy and Consulting team discussed various aspects of building an unparalleled eCommerce store and customer experience. We note that customer experience is a crucial aspect of customer success. One point you need to consider to drive customer success is "using technology as an enabler and not a conductor."

Here's an excellent maxim derived from using AI for customer satisfaction:

"To deliver on your seamless experience promises, technology must be a key ingredient in the mix. There will most likely be more than one technology that will have to play in unison to deliver on the promise."

To improve your customer satisfaction, you should rely on a service-first CRM. For instance, Zendesk allows you to manage all of your customer interactions from one place. Whether your team is on a single site or several, one sole point for all customer information helps your team give speedy and informed answers.

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Zendesk Integration with Magento 2:

Zendesk serves businesses across hundreds of industries, with more than 125,000 paid customer accounts offering service and support in over 30 languages. What can you pull from Magento or another site with a tool like Zendesk? Shipping, billing, and order info on Zendesk support pages and user profiles will be easily accessible. Finally, Zendesk Support ensures that your team receives a notification wherever your contact has a question: WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and traditional mediums like telephone or email. None of this matters without incorporating your KPIs. Zendesk, fortunately, puts all your necessary information into a single data feed for your support team. Assess your KPIs and relish your company's exceptional customer experience!

When integrating the Zendesk service-first CRM and Magento 2, you receive the full package of features needed to give your customer a quality experience. For example, you can add Magento customer profiles along with ordering information to Zendesk. Together with Zendesk tickets, you can get a more comprehensive picture of how your team interacts with every customer. Of course, too much information can overwhelm your team, especially if they need particular information. Zendesk takes your concerns seriously through the chance to customise which data feeds into your daily work.

The integration includes a simple setup function that automatically places the Zendesk Web Widget on the Magento storefront after installation. Through pasting a few lines of code on your webpage, your Magento storefront becomes a hub for customer questions and answers. The Zendesk widget includes a wide range of customisations such as a knowledge base, live chat, or a contact form.

If you have multiple storefronts, have no fear! Zendesk allows multiple Magento storefronts to interact with customers, making life a breeze.

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