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Amazon and The Nordics - Part 1
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April 03, 2019

Amazon and the Nordics—Demystifying the Elephant in the Room

Piers McEwan
Piers McEwan
Content writer at Vaimo
Amazon and The Nordics - Part 1

Join us for part 1 of our 4 part series on 'Amazon and the Nordics'...

Over the last 3 years, rumours have been swirling around Amazon’s potential entry into the Nordics.

These rumours have, however, been grounded in some sort of evidence. Swedish real estate magazine, Fastighetsvärlden, first reported on the sale of 3 plots of land in central Sweden to the retail giant. Amazon also then acquired the amazon.se domain (which currently directs to the .de site). 

All information pointed to an Amazon invasion of the Nordics—as was seen in Etail Nordic’s 2018 report in which it asked, “Amazon is about to enter the Nordics. How do you think this will impact your business?”

As it stands, in the autumn of 2020, Amazon still doesn’t have a Swedish eCommerce site. But there is a sense that Amazon could launch at any moment. It has now been confirmed that the retail giant is establishing a 15,000 square metre warehouse in Eskilstuna, roughly 100 km west of Sweden’s capital Stockholm. And in August 2020, Alex Ootes, vice president for EU Expansion at Amazon told media outlets, "The next step is to introduce a complete retail offering in Sweden and that is what we plan to do now”. (Source: Reuters)

Reports from Digital also show that Amazon is bolstering its contingent of Swedish-speaking employees. It notes that Amazon are looking for Swedish speakers in a number of roles across various European countries. Business Insider has also just reported on a leaked screenshot which appears to show a yet-to-launch Swedish marketplace to register brands. 

Whatever Amazon’s plans might be in launching a Nordic eCommerce site, we’re here to demystify exactly what this might mean for your business.

In this series of articles, we’ll be cutting through the noise of speculation and provide actionable advice around what Amazon’s introduction might mean for your business and how you can succeed. Because, let’s face it—if Amazon does enter the scene, there’s not a lot that you as a business can do to change that. Amazon will be here to stay, and that’s that. So it’s all about how you respond.

It’s understandable, though, that this throws up questions for commerce leaders in the Nordics:

  • How do I compete with Amazon?
  • Do I need to compete with Amazon?
  • What’s the difference between my eCommerce store and Amazon?
  • Should we sell only on Amazon?
  • How can we leverage Amazon as a platform to help our business?

Together with Vaimo eCommerce Consultant Andrew Heap, we’ll be sharing key insights and knowledge so that you’ll have all the tools to succeed in a potential Amazon era.

Read more in part 2 as we explore how and where Amazon can fit into your current commerce operations and whether it’s the right fit for your business. 

 Download the full guide here!

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