Amazon and the Nordics - Part 4
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April 24, 2019

Amazon and the Nordics—To Amazon, or not to Amazon?

Piers McEwan
Piers McEwan
Content writer at Vaimo
Amazon and the Nordics - Part 4

That is indeed the question.

When Amazon eventually launches an eCommerce presence in the Nordics, your business will need to make a choice.

But as we’ve seen throughout this 4-part series, it’s more complex than just a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. A better question to ask yourself might be – “Given the size of my business, how can I best leverage the Amazon channel to grow my sales, diversify my revenue streams and grow my brand?.”

As noted in part 2 of this series, for businesses with a well-established brand and an existing customer base, Amazon represents a huge opportunity to increase your sales portfolio along with all your other channels.

However, this doesn’t mean that Amazon is your be all and end all.

After all, it has its limitations, particularly around direct brand building, marketing and analytics. But given the size of the Amazon population, opening your (virtual) doors to this new segment will bring in both new customers and existing customers who do their shopping via the Amazon platform.

Assuming that you do opt for selling through Amazon, we’ve seen that there are various tips, tricks and hacks to get your products in front of more eyes. Amazon is its own e-ecosystem and entering this world can feel intimidating for businesses of all sizes.

As a global, full-service commerce partner, Vaimo can help you navigate these often tricky decisions. Whether you’re wondering what to prioritise next on your digital journey or you’re just not sure how to ramp up online sales, our team of experts are here to help you succeed.

Our Strategy and Consulting Team helps you to understand the impact, challenges and opportunities of different commerce initiatives. Based on our findings and your aims, we then implement digital strategies to ensure your long-term digital growth. 

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