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The 5 W's of PIM—and How to Apply Them

In 1964, Bertram Gross coined the term “information overload” in his work, “The Managing of Organizations” while teaching Political Science at Hunter College.

AI in eCommerce: It's Everywhere

When you think of AI, it's easy to think of science fiction. You may think Artificial Intelligence (AI) still belongs in the future and that it's not yet something that affects you in your daily[...]

Social Commerce Platforms & Tactics in 2021

As we addressed earlier this year, Social Commerce is the new frontier of eCommerce. By meeting your potential customers in the place where they already spend more than two hours daily, you can[...]

Multi-Brand Strategy: 5 Top Trends in 2021

While companies like GAP, P&G, and Facebook operate in different business categories, they have one characteristic in common—they are all large multi-brand companies.

First-Party Data Strategy: 2021 Trends

As platform after platform is phasing out third-party cookies, the data landscape is changing. The emphasis on privacy and data regulations will only continue to grow, and third-party data and[...]

Digital Experience Strategy: The Untapped Value of Customer Data in B2B eCommerce

For B2B companies, implementing a digital customer experience strategy has not always been a priority as it has been for B2C brands. Yet, as the B2B landscape has changed and current purchasing[...]

How AEM Streamlines Multi-Channel Content Management

We live in a multi-channel world, and in 2021, no one deals with just one eCommerce channel. Even the simplest digital businesses will likely connect with their customers through social media as[...]

The B2B eCommerce Marketplace Opportunity

Today’s B2B eCommerce industry has an incredibly broad reach. It is large and complex, encompassing everything from marketing, commerce infrastructure, and payments technology to procurement and[...]

Postery Goes from a Startup to an International Ecommerce Success

In our latest case study, we go behind the scenes on Postery’s high-performing digital solution, built on Adobe Commerce. Postery is a global brand across Europe, North America, and Australia.[...]

Digital Commerce Business Models: The Current Landscape

As the world awakened to eCommerce during the pandemic, many companies recognized the need to adapt their digital commerce business models to optimize their reach and take advantage of the trend.[...]

Vaimo Newsletter: June 2021

Here's our monthly guide to your digital commerce success...

Digital Commerce: Shopping as Entertainment

When was the last time you — or even someone you know — went shopping with a big group of friends? Not holiday shopping, or making a quick stop at a store for an online order pickup before heading[...]