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Google Universal Analytics (UA) vs Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google Universal Analytics (UA) used to offer the option to create web + app and web properties for tracking, but this is no longer the case. Google has now transitioned what used to be web + app[...]

Vaimo 2020 - Highlights and Holiday Closing times

At this time last year, we never could have predicted the 2020 that was to come. At the start of this year we had every reason to believe that 2020 would be our biggest and best year ever and[...]

Vaimo Newsletter: December 2020

Here's our monthly guide to your digital commerce success...

Vaimo's New London Office

In early 2020, our team in London packed their things and moved a few blocks North from their home on Threadneedle Street to our new, refurbished office on Dufferin Street. Our new home at[...]

2021 CEO eCommerce Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has left an unforgettable mark on our lives and the global economy. Though many industries stalled, eCommerce soared, with our 2020 predictions only increasing in importance.[...]

Elon's results: A Black Friday to remember

The sale’s highlight of the year — Black Friday and Cyber Week — is over. As mentioned in our Black Friday Results article, this unusual year has brought stellar growth in eCommerce and[...]

Cyber Week 2020 Results: RIP Black Friday

The time has come to wave goodbye to Black Friday. Yes, Black Friday eCommerce increased in 2020 with online sales reaching 9 billion USD and growing by 22%, according to Adobe Analytics. However,[...]

Webinar: Business Agility in B2B by Vaimo & Adobe

In today's business world, digital customer experience and data-driven operations are essential. With a rapidly changing business environment, it is key for businesses to change but also to[...]

Selling on Amazon vs an eCommerce Website: Pros & Cons

Every new seller on Amazon’s marketplace becomes a global merchant. In this article, we discuss a few trends in Amazon eCommerce and eCommerce marketplaces in general. Then, we turn to the[...]

Vaimo Newsletter: November 2020

The biggest eCommerce holiday season is underway. As DigitalCommerce360 notes, the growth of online sales reached 40% in 2020 and increased internet penetration by 5%. That behaviour is here to[...]

Black Friday South Africa: The Final Countdown

Businesses have entrusted their Black Friday to Vaimo South Africa for nearly a decade. The stakes are highone misstep could lead to a loss of six-months worth of sales. This period comes with[...]

Amazon and the Nordics—To Amazon, or not to Amazon?

Amazon Sweden has launched— what eCommerce choices do you have?  But as we’ve seen throughout this 4-part series, it’s more complex than just a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.